The Aims of Scouting

Every Scouting activity moves boys toward three basic aims:

  • Character Development
  • Citizenship Training
  • Mental and Physical Fitness

Character Development

Character encompasses a boy’s personal qualities, values, and outlook. Scouting strives to help a boy grow in the following ways:

  • He becomes confident but is not conceited
  • He is honest with himself and others
  • His personal appearance shows that he respects himself
  • He develops special skills and interests
  • He can take care of himself, especially in emergencies
  • He can be counted upon to do his best, even in difficult situations
  • He practices his religious beliefs
  • He respects other people regardless of their differences

Character is defined as what your behavior is, when you think no one is looking.

Citizenship Training

The Scouting program allows boys to practice good citizenship by living and working among others in a troop with rules based on the common good. Each Scout is further encouraged to do the following:

  • Learn about and take pride in his national heritage
  • Develop an understanding of the social, economic, and governmental systems of which he is a part
  • Be of service to others
  • Have knowledge of and respect for cultures and social groups other than his own
  • Be aware of community organizations and their functions
  • Appreciate the environment and seek to protect it

Mental and Physical Fitness

People get the most out of life when they are mentally and physically fit. Scouting motivates each Scout to work toward these goals:

  • Improve his general physical condition through exercise and participation in vigorous activities that might include outdoor adventures and sports
  • Eat properly, get enough sleep, and follow other habits for good health
  • Keep his weight within a healthy range
  • Reject experimenting with tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs, or with other activities that can be harmful to himself or others
  • Strive to be mentally alert
  • Use good judgment and make sound decisions
  • Train himself to be resourceful in solving problems